Your Irish Lineage

About The Blog

Researching your Irish lineage will turn you into an accomplished genealogist. Be prepared to deal with inaccuracies, illegible writing and bare face lies. It will at times be incredibly frustrating but that will make any achievements all the more satisfying.

In this blog I will aim to make all you budding genealogists lives easier by listing every site that holds useful records and information. There are many websites that hold a number of Irish records some are helpful to your journey and others seem purposefully deceptive in an attempt to gain money from your subscription.

I will give honest reviews of websites and point you straight to the records you need in order to get to the next branch on your family tree. I shall also give hints and tricks to help you decipher who is who amongst thousands of records.

Sign up to start a discussion in the comments section or private message me if you need a little help with your research. Follow me on instagram at @youririshlineage for all things Irish genealogy and history related.



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