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When emerged on the scene in September 2016, it was a definite game changer. Before this site if you wanted to confirm any descendant you would have to order and pay for certificates from the GRO office and hope when they arrived a couple weeks later, that they were the ones you needed. I have a couple of birth and marriage certificates that have nothing to do with my lineage to prove it. Talk about a waste of time and money!

This website has uploaded ACTUAL certificates from the civil records of Irish births, marriages and deaths (BMD).

Their searchable index covers:

Births: 1864 to 1916

Marriages: 1845* to 1941

Deaths: 1864 to 1966

*non-Roman Catholic Marriages are recorded from 1845, Roman Catholic Marriages are recorded from 1864.

This means if the certificate has not been uploaded you have the reference number to order the certificate from the GRO office.

However the indexes that do hold images are:

Births: 1864 to 1916

Marriages: 1870 to 1941

Deaths: 1876 to 1966

They claim to be working on adding further images to their index in the future.

My 3x Great grandparents marriage certificate

So where sites like Ancestry and others only hold the index to BMD's, here you can and actually view the original document. This is so important when trying to confirm an ancestor as the record holds way more information than is ever transcribed or indexed.

Marriage indexes rarely if ever provide parents name or age or living address, so ordering from an index is a real gamble. How do you know the index refers to your "generic irish name" without the extra information to back it up.

Therefore my pros and cons will be simple.


  • clear and easy to use

  • Access to to the full document for free

  • Just plain great!


  • Not all images have been uploaded to available records

  • Their church records are limited to only a few counties

Note: Although the search results do include some name variants, it doesn't take into consideration all of them. So make sure to search for all variations of the name even non-traditional ones, as interpreting and transcribing errors can occur.

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