Want to know your family history? Let us do the research for you!

Genealogy need not be expensive, our digital packages are easy, flexible and affordable.


Although we specialise in Irish records, we are proficient in US, Canadian and all UK records.


Digital Package

All digital packages include the formation of an online family tree, usually with

Research is conducted as far back as possible, down all branches pertaining to the tier purchased.


Ancestors will be researched through censuses, vital records, land records and newspapers etc.

Any information found outside of Ancestry will be sourced and have images attached. Extra annotations will be added to individual ancestor pages, in order to create a detailed story.


 Per Grandparent - £50/$65/€55

(All tiers includes the research of every ancestor as far back as possible.)

Full Tree - Both Parents Lineages £200/$259/€220

You can purchase in stages, going grandparent by grandparent, no need to purchase a full tree at once.

Alternatively, contact us for more specific requests.


Printable Family Tree PDF - £30

Personalised family tree document sent to your email. Print out at your own leisure or send to others.

Printed Family Tree On Quality Paper, Plus PDF - £50.

Printed and sent to your home. Perfect for framing or as a present. Plus the Pdf for your own use.

For any of the above services and more, make contact through the chat button, email or any social media platform and we will be happy to discuss more.